Trail of the Month

       The TOM departs from the North parking lot of City Market at 9:00 AM, unless otherwise noted.

       Be sure to bring a lunch, plenty of water and a full tank of gas.  We look forward to seeing you!  


                                  Trail of the Month 2018


 Date                               Trail                   (rating)                    Leader


August, 20, 21,  22, 23    We need help - on Elephant Hill maintenance during these days.  No, it's not a trail of the month, but it is important.  The Park will only allow so many people to work on this each day, if you can volunteer for 2 days, someone else may be able to volunteer for two days. This is part of the maintenance we have been working with the Park Service to get done for the past year.  Bring pry bars, shovels, gloves, water, lunch, etc. etc..  If you can only volunteer for 1 or 2 days, anything will help.  Call 435-259-7311, leave a message with phone #, name, date you can work.  We will get back to you with times, etc.


August 18th                        Rimrocker Trail (4)  -leader to be determined - trail is still going out
September 22nd                Jax Trax                                   (5)                                  John Martin
October 20th                     Strike Ravine, BFE, BBQ         (6)                                  Tom Edwards
November 17th                  Hells Revenge                         (6)                                   Austin Halloway
December                          Happy Holidays!  No trail this month.