Trail of the Month

Be sure to bring a lunch, plenty of water and a full tank of gas.  We look forward to seeing you! 
  • If departure of any trail changes or a night run is scheduled, that will be reflected in advance on this page the month before the run. 
CONTACT: Mark Pope, TOM Committee Chairman 435-259-6360.

Note that Red Rock 4-Wheeler guidelines require 35" plus tires, additional traction devices (e.g. Lockers), enhanced suspension, and high ground clearance for 6-rated trails.

  • 2023 Trail-of-the-Month Overview

  • Number of Trails Run: 9

    Number of unique vehicles participating: 79

    Average group size: 17

    Frequent Flyers: 7 Trails: Curtis & Lori Dunn

                               6 Trails:  James & Fawn Rutherford

                               5 Trails:  Rick Wolcott, Carole Hahn, Thad Grandbouche/Colette Erickson

    Thanks to Rick Wolcott, Bill Wehrli, Russ Walker, Brett Davis, and Gene Day for leading trails this year; without whom, these monthly events could not happen.

  •     OurT


In February, 32 vehicles turned out for the Trail of the Month run of the new Lost World trail.  Per our agreement with the BLM, we have a limit of 25 vehicles for this event.  To address this situation, we split the group in two and separated the halves by a 30-45 minute time gap.  Fortunately, there were a sufficient number of knowledgeable and skilled members in attendance to be able to do this and not turn anyone away.  Thanks to Russ Walker, Rick Wolcott, John Larish, John Marsh, and Blake Torgersen for making this day a success. 

The next TOM trail will be Behind The Rocks - Tip Toe, meeting at the City Market at 9:00 am on April 20



Trail of the Month 2024








NONE - Easter Jeep Safari 3/23 - 31









April 20th

Behind the Rocks - Tip Toe


9:00 am*







May 18th

Dome Plateau


9:00 am*







June 15th

Green River #1 - Devil's Racetrack


9:00 am**







July 20th

Monitor/Merrimac Moonlight Run


6:00 pm*







August 17th 

Tommy Knocker


9:00 am*





September 14th

Seven Mile Rim


9:00 am*





October 19th

Green River #2


9:00 am**







November 16th

Poison Spider Mesa


9:00 am*








None - Happy Holidays





(The trail of the month selection is being kept to a rating of 3-6, any higher than that and the attendance drops.  The committee is asking new people who are learning to be trail guides to guide the trails knowing that there will be an experienced mid and tail gunner who know the trail that can help.  To contact someone on the committee, use the Contact tab to send us an e-mail.  E-mails are monitored and answered daily.)

                 *  Trails depart from the north parking lot of the City Market, 425 S. Main St in Moab, UT

**  Trails depart from the Maverick in Green River, 1475 E. Main St in Green River UT

All participants in RR4W events are STRONGLY encouraged to carry a functioning CB radio.  For the more difficult trails, the trail leaders often communicate important information about navigating challenging obstacles.  Trail leaders also make an effort to point out points of interest or share historical details along the route.  You will not have the same experience if you just ride along in silence.