Gold Bar Rim, Rusty Nail version

This trail is a short(1 mile) but tough segment that provides a shortcut to the Golden Crack area of the Golden Spike Trail.  For the all out Yahoo Jeeper the trail is combined with the toughest part of the Golden Spike Trail, and the entire Gold Bar Rim Trail to provide a trip guaranteed to keep the adrenalin pumping and the 4WD equipment thoroughly tested. Approximate mileages: 47 total, 27 off highway.


There are vast panoramic views of the Colorado River and the canyons and mesas that surround it. Jeep Arch can be seen, the top of the Gold Bar Rim provides views into Moab Valley and Arches National Park. The Gooney Bird Rock is passed twice.


There are a lot of ledges and off camber sections, climbs over boulders, and even a couple of smooth slickrock sections.

Trail Details

There are numerous ledges and tippy sections, but only two have earned names yet.  "Riff Raff" is the first, encountered about halfway into the trail. It is a two section obstacle, the first being a large slab of rock that has an undercut that must be overcome to get up onto the slanty slab. The second part consists of a climb up numerous large rocks, again featuring undercuts, with sizeable holes between them. The second named obstacle is "No Left Turn". Obviously it features a hard right turn around a rock wall. Next it drops steeply down some slickrock to enter a narrow section that features a drop on the left and a wall to the right. A large boulder lies in the path, so the left tires must climb over it, all the while trying to avoid making contact between the vehicle's top and the wall. Once through the Rusty Nail the final Golden Spike obstacles await, as well as "The Waterfall" on the Gold Bar Rim Trail.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 47 total, 27 off highway
Min Tire Size: 35+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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