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The Red Rock 4-Wheelers work to reserve a little strength to keep our recreational trails open. To that end, we have been setting aside some funds for emergency use. We call it the Multiple Use Defense (MUD) Fund.

When trail access or other multiple uses of the public lands are threatened, it is safe to say that the most important defense need is someone’s time and effort. It takes dedicated personal effort just to plan how to spend available money. The most serious threats are likely to call for professional services, often legal counsel and actions.

What started out as selling MUD pins at registration has now become a major fundraising effort. The Red Rock 4-Wheelers have received donations from other 4 wheel clubs, many of our vendors at the expo show and BF Goodrich with its outstanding trail program.

The Red Rock 4-Wheelers are committed to defend and repair the Jeep Safari trails for all of our loyal supporters to enjoy, but we need your help. Please consider directly supporting the M.U.D. Fund.

Below is a brief list of the MUD Fund activity for the last 2 years on your behalf to protect the trails:

  • Install 50+ trail markers to designate “You are here” on various trails.
  • Match the BF Goodrich outstanding Trail award ($5,000.00) with a MUD fund match of $5,000.00 to fix a section of Elephant Hill. This was done with RR4W members and National Park employees doing the labor. We were able to lower the trail rating from 5 to 4, allowing more people to enjoy the trail.
  • $4500.00 to a private contractor to rework the entrance/exit on Cliffhanger. This was done with explosives to remove oversize ledges that had become impassable. Approved and recommended by the BLM
  • All day work party with BLM on Steel Bender to shave off a nasty ledge and install fencing to prevent offroad travel into a protected area.
  • Reroute the entrance to Fins & Things from the campground to lessen impact on campers. Sand Flats, BLM and RR4W joint project.
  • Rework entrance obstacle on Hell’s Revenge to allow 2 way traffic for safety purposes.
  • Paid San Juan County $2,900.00 to install culvert on Cameo Cliffs area trail.

MUD Fund 2023

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